Assassin Commando Car Driving

Assassin Commando Car Driving

Assassin Commando Car Driving

Assassin Commando Car Driving

Assassin Commando Car Driving is a racing game where you can take control of an armed commando car and navigate through dangerous levels.

Piloting a squad of high-performance commando vehicles is an exhilaratingly thrilling experience like no other. Engage in thrilling gun encounters with terrifying enemy vehicles. Exciting new stages await you as you tackle daring challenges that will test you. Step into a realm where stunning graphics intertwine with realistic gameplay. Step into a thrilling racing world. Assassin: Commando Car Driving is an exciting and entertaining game because of its beautiful visuals, realistic controls, and diverse arsenal of vehicles and weapons. Allow this game to captivate your imagination. Are you ready to take the racing world by storm and prove everyone wrong? Riding a commando vehicle through dangerous stages while armed to the teeth is an exhilarating experience.

How To Play

  • Use the arrow keys to steer the vehicle.
  • Keyboard layout: Fire Switch: Boost (not often)
  • R: Go back to where you started the car.
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