Beggar Clicker

Beggar Clicker

Beggar Clicker

Beggar Clicker

Beggar Clicker is an idle clicker game in which you play the role of a homeless person trying to earn enough money to get off the streets.

At the beginning, all you have is a cup and a cardboard sign. However, when you click on your cup, you'll begin to make money. With this money, you can get a better cup, a louder voice, or even a pet dog, and it will allow you to earn money faster. In the shop, you can purchase a variety of enhancements. Some upgrades increase your base click value, while others grant bonuses for consecutive clicks on your cup. You can also get improvements that make it so you can earn money from donations even while you're not clicking, or that boost the amount you get from donations overall.

How To Play

  • To move around, press the arrow keys or press WASD.
  • For a vertical leap, use the spacebar or the W key.
  • In order to buy power-ups and raise your score, you must collect coins.
  • Get Out of Their Way: Leap over barriers and stay one step ahead of attackers by just stepping aside.

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