Break Your Brain

Break Your Brain

Break Your Brain

Break Your Brain

Break Your Brain is an attractive logic game with extremely high difficulty. How smart are you? Play here to show us your level.

To find the best answer, you have to think about the task at hand, the things you can use in the level, and other things. You are smart and on the right track. To move on to the next level, you have to pick the right answer to each of the logical puzzles you are given. For the same number of jobs to be done in more time, the level of difficulty must go up. The goal of the game's early levels is to stretch and develop the player's mind through increasingly difficult tasks.

How To Play

  • Control on a mobile device - tap, swipe across the screen on the elements on the screen. 
  • Control on a PC - hover the mouse over an object, left-click on the object.

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