Cat and Rabbit Holiday

Cat and Rabbit Holiday

Cat and Rabbit Holiday

Cat and Rabbit Holiday

Cat and Rabbit Holiday will introduce you to some adorable pet pals. Assisting them in selecting the best outfit for the holiday.

At the same time that we are trying to break this routine, let's also make an effort to cheer each other up. Very late! Animals are a sign of the year of the rabbit and the cat, according to Chinese astrology. Learn more about the most endearing attribute they possess. Apply a little coating of concealer, and then give Kitty and Rabbit new hairstyles that are on the cutting edge of fashion. Dressing these adorable creatures in gowns and blouses with a Christmas or New Year's theme provides you with the opportunity to exercise your creative side.

How To Play

This games can be controlled in a variety of ways, from clicking a mouse to tapping a touchscreen.

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