Catch The Cat

Catch The Cat

Catch The Cat

Catch The Cat

Catch The Cat is an exciting game that combines the power of advanced algorithms and technology to provide an immersive gameplay experience.

Stunning graphics and interesting gameplay mechanics will hold your attention for a long time in this game. The game's difficulties ramp up as you go, testing your reflexes and brainpower to the limit. Slash the direction the cat is moving with your finger to carefully block its path and stop it from escaping. But watch out: the feline is cunning and will figure out a way to trick you! Keep your wits about you, try to predict its maneuvers, and devise plans to defeat it. Accumulating points and unlocking new stages with different surroundings and challenges is the goal of each successful catch. See who can get the cat the fastest and score the highest by competing with friends and others from all over the world.

How To Play

You can move your character(s) one step at a time in any of the four cardinal directions (up, down, left, right).The cat will move randomly in any direction on each turn.

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