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Connect Image

Connect Image

Connect Image

Connect Image is an engaging puzzle game that will challenge your observation and matching abilities. Let's try out this brain teaser now!

The goal of the game is to create pairs of matching photographs by drawing lines between them. Straight lines are your sole option; curved lines are out of the question, as are lines that run in the other way. In this time-limited game, you must match two pictures on a grid before the clock runs out. The time limit is getting shorter, and the grids are getting bigger and more complex. An improved observer and matcher can be yours with just a little practice playing Connect Image, a game that everyone can pick up and play. The game is addictive, and it's easy to become absorbed in the challenge of matching all the pictures.

How To Play

  • Two picture cards are turned over by the youngest player to begin.
  • The player draws a line on their game board connecting the two images if they match.
  • If the two pictures don't match, the player turns them face down and puts them back where they were.
  • The following player then turns over two image cards in their turn.
  • Once all the photos have been joined, players can continue taking turns.
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