Devil Bubble Shooter

Devil Bubble Shooter

Devil Bubble Shooter

Devil Bubble Shooter

Devil Bubble Shooter is a shooter puzzle game with horribly difficult levels. To make them pop and win, shoot bubbles of the same color.

Shooting bubbles of the same hue and seeing them explode into a captivating show, clearing the screen in a satisfying cascade of popping excitement, is an exhilarating experience. Be wary! Always keep an eye out for the devil, for he is always trying to ruin your life. Devil Bubble Shooter is the ultimate bubble shooter, boasting over a hundred challenging levels that will provide hours of entertainment. Prepare to immerse yourself in an exhilarating new realm! Indulge in the thrilling excitement of captivating bubble-shooter games. Indulge in more than a hundred mesmerizing tasks and feel the rush of overcoming extremely challenging levels!

How To Play

  • To launch a bubble, use the left mouse button. The bubble will go where you point it to go.
  • Make a matching trio of identical bubbles. Bubbles will burst when three or more of the same hue touch.
  • To go through the level, you must pop all of the bubbles.
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