Draw 2 Save - Stickman Rescue

Draw 2 Save - Stickman Rescue

Draw 2 Save - Stickman Rescue

Draw 2 Save - Stickman Rescue

Draw 2 Save Stickman Rescue assigns you the task of helping the stickman boy escape all dangerous traps. Let's finish it and win!

Learn more about the diamond system by watching videos. You should stock up on diamonds, since they will come in handy. Let your imagination run wild as you construct formidable fortifications and safe havens for our intrepid protagonist. Mastering the art of drawing lines can help you express your imagination and sharpen your mind. Develop this crucial ability to elevate your level of rational thought and intellectual stimulation. This exhilarating game will keep you entertained for hours on end with its numerous levels. Feel the wonder of the uncomplicated yet brilliant physics system. Enjoy a relaxing and fascinating activity while simultaneously improving your mental faculties. Feel the excitement of saving the tiny guy with our new take on the classic line-drawing game. You will feel the thrill of success as you save him from a swarm of terrible enemies and bring him to safety.

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How To Play

Use the mouse to create lines and free the boy in the game's last three seconds.

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