Drive Hills

Drive Hills

Drive Hills

Drive Hills

Drive Hills is an entertaining driving game that features physics-based gameplay as you conquer steep hills with a wide range of vehicles.

A wide variety of cars, each with its own special off-road abilities and handling, are available to the player in this game. The game's many levels, each with its own unique challenges, are waiting for you. The game will test the player's driving skills as they attempt to navigate these hazards and climb the slope. As the player progresses through the game, they unlock additional stages and vehicles, enhancing its complexity and difficulty. With the game's multiplayer mode, players can work together or compete against one another to complete levels. Drive Hills is perfect for fans of physics-based racing games, off-road adventures, and multiplayer modes.

How To Play

  • Arrow Keys (or WASD): Steer the car.
  • Up Arrow (or W): Accelerate.
  • Down Arrow (or S): Brake.
  • Right Arrow (or D): Drift.
  • Left Arrow (or A): Reverse.
  • Spacebar: Use nitro boost (when available).
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