Egg Farm

Egg Farm

Egg Farm

Egg Farm

Egg Farm will keep you hooked as you watch chickens lay eggs. Although it is simple to play, mastering the game requires effort.

Tapping chickens at a breakneck pace is entertaining! Get the hang of tapping to open doors to egg-citing opportunities. As your fingers get faster and you grab more eggs, you're in for egg-cellent success. Hole in one egg-stravagant experience! Indulge in top-notch chicken enhancements. When you upgrade your birds, egg output will skyrocket. Find out how much more productive your flock can be, and enjoy more delicious eggs than ever before. To get the most money out of these stunning eggs, sell them as soon as possible. Do not let your eggs go to waste! To get the most out of your farm, you need to be frugal. Elevate your agricultural enterprise to new heights with game-changing upgrades. With our incredible upgrades, you can get more eggs and earn more money!

How To Play

  • Control the trajectory of your shot with the arrow keys.
  • To increase the force of your shot, press and hold the space bar.

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