Fairyland Merge & Magic

Fairyland Merge & Magic

Fairyland Merge & Magic

Fairyland Merge & Magic

Fairyland Merge & Magic is a truly captivating experience. By resolving problems, you can construct your own universe here.

This role-playing game is set on a farm, and the main story is interesting. There are also a lot of fun optional goals. There are new types of dragons, unicorns, and leprechauns, all of which are made up of parts of creatures that already exist. Let your mind wander and make anything that comes to you. In this line of work, the key to being successful and making money is to always do a good job. You are free to spend this money anyway you see fit, and there are no limitations imposed on you in any way with regard to how you can use this money . Please tell me about the size of your universe.

How To Play

Use mouse and click, follow the instructions in the game

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