Glass Puzzle

Glass Puzzle

Glass Puzzle

Glass Puzzle

Glass Puzzle belongs to the top two-player games of 2023. Come here to compete with your friends. Try to see who gets the highest score.
You will want to spend some time here because of how pleasant and soothing this theme is. From easy to very complex, these puzzles cover the gamut. Multiple levels get fresh material updates daily. Accumulating more coins will let you unlock new spectacles and features, and your score will also improve. The solution is within your reach if you are willing to unleash your creativity and cease limiting yourself in an unnatural way. Try to think of something you haven't thought about before. Mastering these strategies will allow you to beat the game in the shortest number of moves feasible. Any glass on a table will likely topple over if a ball is set on top of it.

How To Play

To make the ball fall and break the glass of water, tap the screen.

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