Hero 3 Flying Robot

Hero 3 Flying Robot

Hero 3 Flying Robot

Hero 3 Flying Robot

Hero 3 Flying Robot lets you become a robot superhero capable of flying high and fighting with powerful weapons. Try your best to win all battles.

Your objective is to cleanse the world of all evil beings, be they monsters or villains. You play the part of a valiant robot plane in this action-adventure game that takes place in the air and pits you against various enemies. The breathtaking aesthetics and thrilling gameplay of this game will keep you captivated for a long time. You will have access to a wide variety of weapons as well as the unique skills that robots possess. Make money so you can give robots enhanced capabilities and more possibilities for personalization. In order to make it through each level's difficult conflicts and hordes of adversaries, you will need to employ devious strategies.

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How To Play

Collect coins and upgrade your robot's features and weapons, customizing them to suit your tactics.

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