Home Pin 2

Home Pin 2

Home Pin 2

Home Pin 2

Home Pin 2 is a 3D bowling game where players can compete against computer opponents, friends, or family members. Try this puzzle game now!

Simply increasing the frequency with which you strike the object will improve your aim. Each of the numerous playable characters possesses a unique set of abilities. Each challenging level requires the surmounting of a multitude of obstacles. An extensive selection of bowling balls is available, each possessing distinct advantages. Using the mouse, the player targets and throws the object. Your tossing force determines the ball's trajectory. You have a limited number of tosses to destroy all the pegs. You will accumulate points for each knocked-down stake. Your score will be proportionate to the number of pins you disrupt. The winner of the game is the participant who accumulates the most points by the game's end. You may utilize available power-ups to increase your tally. Make sure you're taking advantage of them.

How To Play

To bowl, choose the appropriate ball. When it comes to bowling, every ball is different. Try out a few various bowling balls until you discover the one that works best for you.

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