Hugie Wugie Runner

Hugie Wugie Runner

Hugie Wugie Runner

Hugie Wugie Runner

Hugie Wugie Runner is created for those who have a strong passion for taking part in athletic contests, particularly off-road cycling.

You will receive information about the steps you need to take to become a Hugie Wugie during the Hugie Wugie Runner game. We strongly advise you to mount your bicycle and ride away from the pursuing community members for your own protection. Confidence in your driving skills is crucial because there will be many challenges. Check for new batteries or write down anything interesting you see while out. If the batteries are not present, the assignment will not be able to complete the portion that requires addition.

How To Play

  • Steer the bike by pressing forward or backward.
  • The bike can be moved by pressing the up and down arrow keys.
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