Idle Lawnmower

Idle Lawnmower

Idle Lawnmower

Idle Lawnmower

Idle Lawnmower is a game that combines the fun of constant lawn mowing with the excitement of managing a business. Try this game now!

Mowing lawns with unwavering dedication through an unending expanse of breathtaking scenery is an incredible journey. Make sensible investments in new businesses, take ownership of mower updates, and unleash the potential of talented people to change your mowing strategy. Partake in a wide variety of lush grass, each with its own unique challenges and entertaining payoffs. Learn about the several high-quality mowers available, each with its own unique combination of features and customization possibilities. To unleash your inner entrepreneur and create the most lucrative mowing empire, go on a globetrotting tour. Compete in a thrilling event among rivals from around the world and demonstrate your business acumen.

How To Play

  • Pull up the "Upgrades" menu.
  • The money you make can be used to upgrade your lawnmower.
  • Gains are compounding at a rate of one per second for every upgrade.
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