Jab Jab Boxing

Jab Jab Boxing

Jab Jab Boxing

Jab Jab Boxing

Jab Jab Boxing is a boxing game that allows players to battle their way through a series of challenging opponents in order to win.

In this spectacular single-player game, you can climb the rankings and win every prize. In frenzied multiplayer combat, you can team up with friends or enemies. Strikes are strikes. Our training approach also provides excellent prospects for talent development. As you prepare for a fight, jab-jab boxing will rouse your inner fighter. Begin the single-player game and battle a range of difficult foes, utilizing all of your abilities along the way. Every major victory brings you closer to your ultimate objective of becoming a global champion. Play the multiplayer game and see how you compare to your friends or random folks from around the world. Choose the training method that will maximize your performance. To improve your abilities, gain an understanding of attacks and combos.

How To Play

  • To throw a jab, press the "A" or "X" button.
  • Throwing a double jab requires pressing the "A" or "X" button twice as fast.
  • Throwing a cross punch requires using the "B" or "Y" buttons.
  • The "X" or "A" button can be used for an uppercut when

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