Keep Zombie away

Keep Zombie away

Keep Zombie away

Keep Zombie away

Keep Zombie Away is an action game that is often associated with scary games and games about zombies. 

Even if this is your second, third, or fourth secondary account, you still have to go through the tutorial. During the game's tutorial, you get some of the game's most expensive items for free. Keep seeing ads to get more cash rewards every day. Try your luck at everyday events if you want a better chance of winning good money. Training to get better at what you do in PVE or offline situations. With the advertisement packs, you can buy money from the shop. And you can get a free pack every hour. To stay alive when scary zombie monsters are chasing you, you must quickly get into the safe house, shut the door, and lie down on the bed.

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How To Play

Use the left mouse button or your finger to reinforce the door or add turrets to block the zombies from the outside door and kill him.

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