Mangavania opens an exciting adventure for a young ninja. Assist the boy in discovering all of the facts and destroying the bad guys.

In addition to vanquishing a large number of terrifying creatures, you'll also meet some interesting new people. Please look after the darling little spirits as best you can. They will have your back and offer intriguing new narrative elements or suggestions for you to consider. This game features a one-of-a-kind storyline. In this game, you, as Yuhiko, get to experience everything that happens. It has been revealed that he is a young ninja who traveled beneath the surface in search of medical assistance for his ailing sibling. Enter dangerous dungeons to refine your skills and gain experience.

How To Play

  • PC : A-D or Arrows Jump. Shift Sword, Space Jerk. Left mouse button for attacks. Arrows: Press the right mouse button
  • Mobile : Touch-screen controls
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