Merge Rush Z

Merge Rush Z

Merge Rush Z

Merge Rush Z

Merge Rush Z is the ultimate merging game, combining strategy and action. Let's start playing now and build your unstoppable army!

You can discover the latent power within your troops by unlocking their true potential and combining them to create unstoppable forces that will dominate the battlefield. You should carefully plan the placement of your forces on the battlefield to maximize their effectiveness. With our revolutionary supercharging technology, you can unleash the full power of your troops. Discover abilities that will blow your mind, experience a new level of vigor, and unleash power never before seen. Use our unrivaled unit upgrades to boost your army's performance. As you embark on a mission to overrun rival countries and construct an empire that is truly unstoppable, you will have the opportunity to experience the thrill of unleashing your strategic prowess.

How To Play

  • Left mouse button: To merge units, drag and drop them.
  • Right mouse button: Separate units by dragging them away from each other.
  • On the battlefield, zoom in and out with the mouse scroll wheel.
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