Mob Control

Mob Control

Mob Control

Mob Control

Mob Control lets you control and choose your blue 3D character to defeat the red guy. Try to collect as many blue people as possible.
By maintaining a safe distance from the red doors and pushing them back, you can avoid the red individuals getting in your way. The ability to send people through multiplier gates gives you the opportunity to increase the size of your mob as well as your chances of successfully seizing all of the bases. As a consequence of this, the amount of your horde will grow substantially. Additionally, you may significantly increase the size of your crew by recruiting new stickmen to work with you. This is not the only choice that is open to you at this time. It will be necessary for you and your stickman companions to work together in order to eliminate waves upon waves of antagonistic figures in order to emerge triumphant from these difficult confrontations.

How To Play

With a horizontal swipe, you may aim your stickmen's cannon and send them flying in whatever direction you like.

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