Nose Hospital

Nose Hospital

Nose Hospital

Nose Hospital

Nose Hospital is an engaging and stimulating game that puts you in the shoes of a doctor tasked with diagnosing and treating a variety of patients suffering from nasal issues.

To start playing Nose Hospital, you first need to choose a patient, each with their own unique set of symptoms. Utilize your medical expertise to identify the patient's ailment and recommend the appropriate treatment. After making a diagnosis, proceed to administer the treatment using various tools and techniques. The success of the treatment hinges on your ability to carry it out accurately and effectively in order to heal the patient. Successfully treating a patient will earn you points, which can be used to acquire new tools and equipment or enhance your medical proficiency.

How To Play

  • Take your time. Don't rush through the game. Take your time to diagnose each patient and prescribe the correct treatment.
  • Use the right tools. Each treatment requires you to use different tools and techniques. Make sure you are using the correct tools for the job.

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