Nuts & Bolts Puzzle

Nuts & Bolts Puzzle

Nuts & Bolts Puzzle

Nuts & Bolts Puzzle

Nuts & Bolts Puzzle is a game of patience. Look at the grid carefully before making any moves. Let's play this puzzle game now.

The nuts and bolts form a grid-like composition on every single level. To ensure that you are able to successfully complete this objective, you will need to twist and pull each nut until it is linked to the bolt that corresponds to it. Simply clicking and dragging the nuts and bolts in the desired direction is all that is required to achieve the desired turn. It is even possible to rearrange the nuts and bolts in a different configuration by sliding them into spaces that are previously empty. After all of the nuts have been firmly attached to the bolts that correspond to them, the level is said to be finished. Then, in the level that comes after that, you will be confronted with a test that is much more difficult than the one you have just completed.

How To Play

Take use of empty spots. To make extra space for movement, you can reposition nuts and bolts into empty spots.

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