Siberian Strike

Siberian Strike

Siberian Strike

Siberian Strike

Siberian Strike is an aerial combat game with a retro look where you fight bosses in big planes. Let's play this amazing gam now!

You'll be pushed to the limit of your skills in this game, but you'll still have a great time thanks to the intense battles, great upgrades you can use to improve your planes, and lots of fun events. Try to shoot down enemy planes while staying out of their fire. In order to move on to the next stage, you have to beat the bosses. Most of the games in the series are in the classic "shoot 'em up" style, and they take place in an alternate time right after World War II. The player gets on a plane and flies to Siberia, where they fight the evil Soviet army. To win, you have to get rid of Stalin-Bot, a robot made from Stalin, and the MIR Space Station of the future. Stalin-Bot is in charge of the vodka-making company, Stalinka Corp. The company is to blame for a communist takeover because it makes GE vodka that completely kills people's willpower when they drink it.

How To Play

Controls: Tap and hold your finger on the screen to control the plane.

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