Sky Glider

Sky Glider

Sky Glider

Sky Glider

Sky Glider is an exhilarating adventure game where players soar through the skies on a glider while exploring breathtaking landscapes. 

Tap the screen at the appropriate location to lift your glider off the ground. You can alter the glider's height at regular intervals by tapping and releasing the screen at predetermined intervals. You are able to fly through them in order to collect the coins. To avoid collisions, skilled navigation is required when going around obstacles such as trees and mountains. If you have enough money, you will be able to purchase a variety of gliders, each of which has a distinct appearance and set of attributes. The timing of your taps and releases on the screen will allow you to achieve the highest potential height. Keep your eyes on the road around you at all times, and exercise caution when you are near obstructions. To go through the game and gain new gliders, you will need coins. Coins are required.

How To Play

  • Left mouse button: Fly up
  • Right mouse button: Fly down
  • Space bar: Use a boos
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