Sky Warrior 2 Invasion

Sky Warrior 2 Invasion

Sky Warrior 2 Invasion

Sky Warrior 2 Invasion

Sky Warrior 2 Invasion is a thrilling aerial combat game filled with action that will challenge your flying abilities. Let's join us now!

In this game, you control a fearsome fighter jet and fight other planes in intense dogfights. It will take quick thinking, a variety of weapons, and reflexes to survive and complete your missions. You must leave the runway once the mission starts. To accelerate and take off, press and hold the left Shift key. The enemy's warplanes will pass you by as you flee. Using your missile and machine gun armament, get rid of them. Once you've completed all of your objectives or used up all of your resources, return to your base without delay. Landing on the runway is a requirement for completing the mission.

How To Play

  • Arrow Keys or WASD: Move your fighter jet
  • Spacebar: Fire your machine guns
  • Left Shift: Boost your speed
  • Right Shift: Slow down
  • C: Change camera view
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