Stickman Draw the Bridge

Stickman Draw the Bridge

Stickman Draw the Bridge

Stickman Draw the Bridge

Stickman Draw The Bridge has many cool and tough challenges. To overcome all challenges, you will need to use your entire brain.

Discover the fascinating world of stick figure puzzle and educate yourself on everything there is to find out about them. mix of sketching prompts that are less complicated with some that are more difficult to solve using logic. Build a line that will act as a crossing for the stick figure you are working on. Try as hard as you can to make it through each level and save Stickman. Line sketching is a great activity to practice if you want to improve your mental capabilities and your ability to think critically. Your capacity for original thought and the development of fresh strategies for solving challenging issues will be put to the test in the following activity.

How To Play

  • Trace a route for the vehicle to follow to the finish line.
  • Keep the stickman you're tasked with carrying safe from your line.
  • It's possible for multiple solutions to a single level.

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