Stickman Team Detroit

Stickman Team Detroit

Stickman Team Detroit

Stickman Team Detroit

Stickman Team Detroit lets you lead a squad of highly skilled operatives. Let's try our best to complete many impossible tasks and win this!

Navigate perilous terrain, infiltrate adversary strongholds covertly, and uncover the sinister secrets that have the potential to bring the city to its downfall. Your relentless pursuit does not spare any area, not even the most towering edifices. Combat will be fierce and turn-based; therefore, utilize your special abilities, cover, and flanking to your advantage. Select from a variety of distinct Stickman agents, each possessing a unique combination of advantages and disadvantages. In order to deploy lethal combinations, master their capabilities. You will confront treachery, corruption, and the struggle for redemption directly on this epic journey. By utilizing dynamic weather, interactive elements, and destructible artifacts, one can investigate an expansive and immersive cityscape. To achieve tactical supremacy, enhance your squad with new abilities, weapons, and agents.

How To Play

  • Left and Right Arrow Keys: Move the selected Stickman.
  • Up Arrow Key: Jump.
  • Down Arrow Key: Crouch.
  • Spacebar: Interact with objects.
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