Super Spy Agent 46

Super Spy Agent 46

Super Spy Agent 46

Super Spy Agent 46

Super Spy Agent 46 You will transform into a talented spy. Take action together and solve all the tasks that not everyone can do.

Using the DNA of five males, he is the 46th clone created. This is the origin of his appellation. It was common knowledge that Agent 47 was a clone and a seasoned assassin. In the alternate timeline, Agent 46 became more ominous, lethal, and audible. The ideal spy would be able to function effectively for extended periods of time, both mentally and physically, and be easily manipulable by whoever they were loyal to (typically a handler). More than just a beast when it comes to destroying large concentrations of foes.

How To Play

  • WASD/Arrows Move J Space Mouse Aim Leap, climb, or float LMB/Z The RMB/X Grenade can be fired, or you can use the Mouse Wheel/Q/E to fall.
  • Equipment swap A Float, rise, or jump Trigger/Shoulder/X on the Right Fire Button/Trigger/Trigger Left Drop a grenade or a bomb Left/Right Select a New Weapon with the Left Shift Key Activate Slow Motion X In/Out Time
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