Towers: Card Battles

Towers: Card Battles

Towers: Card Battles

Towers: Card Battles

Towers: Card Battles has stunning 3D graphics and an interesting puzzle game. Playing the game is entertaining, and once you start, it can be challenging to stop. 

Protecting the queen will require some strategic planning on your part, but the controls can be picked up quickly by players of any age. 

Acquire a card deck containing fighters and place them face down on the base of the tower. Put your skill to good use, for every decision you make puts you that much closer to claiming victory. Make your troops more powerful by giving them bonuses or using buffers. Your goals are to take over all the towers, save the princesses, and get the strongest deck you can.

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How To Play

  • you drag the unit cards to the position in the tower 
  • you can combine two units and get Mega-unit
  • after placing your units, click "fight"
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