Adam and Eve: Adam the Ghost

Adam and Eve: Adam the Ghost

Adam and Eve: Adam the Ghost

Adam and Eve: Adam the Ghost

Adam and Eve: Adam The Ghost lets you join in the ghost-ridden world. He faces numerous terrifying specters that pose a constant threat.

The last stages are the most challenging, so use your brain to figure out how to scare your victim. Take part in the exhilaration of completing 14 thrilling stages in this fascinating game. Test Adam and Eve to their limits and see what they're capable of. The legendary "First Man" and "First Woman," Adam and Eve, are here to set the stage. Get ready for the nail-biting finale of the series with The Ghost, the seventh and final installment. Follow Adam on an exciting adventure as he travels the globe, wreaking havoc on those who aren't prepared for it in this riveting tale. On each stage, help Adam terrify at least one person. Playing this game will bring back all the fun you remember from Adam and Eve. Play as Adam and help him reach his goal by clicking on objects strategically around the level.

How To Play

The objects in the scenes can be interacted with using either your finger or the mouse.

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