Angry Chibi Run

Angry Chibi Run

Angry Chibi Run

Angry Chibi Run

Angry Chibi Run is a cool running game. Play now to embark on a quest with cute chibi characters, collect coins, and win this game.

Master perilous terrain and overcome unexpected challenges with lightning speed and deft footwork. While you unlock and spend time with cute chibi heroes, you'll have a blast. All of the heroes are fascinating companions who will add fun and excitement to your game experience, thanks to their charismatic personalities and exceptional talents. Take your performance to new heights by unleashing the explosive potential of power-ups. Put your running skills to the test and compete on our thrilling leaderboards against friends and people from all over the world. This is your chance to shine as the world's best runner!

How To Play

  • To raise the load, simply click or touch.
  • Continue lifting the weight by holding, clicking, or tapping.
  • Drop the weight by releasing, clicking, or tapping.
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