Body Race

Body Race

Body Race

Body Race

Body Race is a race to lose weight quickly. Help this girl lose weight so that she can have a beautiful body. boost her sense of self-worth.

In the game, players have the option to select different outfits and face various challenges. Upon completing each level, they will be rewarded with coins. These coins can then be used to purchase new clothes from the store, which offers a wide selection of stylish and modern options. To achieve quicker weight loss, it is recommended to reduce consumption of fatty fast foods and other unhealthy meals, and instead opt for healthier food choices. By incorporating more low-calorie foods into their diet, players will receive additional gold coins. The game's stunning 3D graphics are designed to provide a soothing experience while playing. Furthermore, players may benefit from helpful in-game tips that can assist in earning more money or acquiring skins at a faster rate compared to solely relying on watching advertisements.

How To Play

Click and use mouse to play.

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