CatRobot Idle TD Battle Cat

CatRobot Idle TD Battle Cat

CatRobot Idle TD Battle Cat

CatRobot Idle TD Battle Cat

Catrobot Idle TD Battle Cat is fun. Your kingdom has been overrun. Train your warrior cats and create the greatest robot to combat frontier enemy.

This is a very good game. Monsters have taken over the kingdom you rule. Get your warrior cats in fighting shape and build your biggest robot so you can fight enemies on the frontier. If you want a simple tower defense game that you can play with just one touch, look no further. 

As you move through the game's levels, you'll face stronger enemies and brand-new bad guys and monsters, and you'll need to make your tower stronger to deal with them. Get in position, aim, and fire quickly to stop attackers from getting to your tower. There are tiers that get better as you play the defensive game. When you have enough experience, you can defend yourself with more weapons. A PC, phone, or tablet can play this relaxing game.

How To Play

  • PC controls: Use the mouse to aim and left click to shoot the arrows
  • Mobile and Tablet Controls: Tap on the screen and move to shoot the arrows

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