Connect Master - Classic Game

Connect Master - Classic Game

Connect Master - Classic Game

Connect Master - Classic Game

Connect Master - Classic Game is a connect-the-dots puzzle game with an adventure theme that lets you change the look of the main game mode.

It lets you chill out and have fun as a brave explorer. As you walk around the village and spend the day at the beach, you can feel how friendly everyone is. You can also go to the desert and learn about its culture, see the icy animal world, and find the mysterious magic forest. Would you give it a try? This popular puzzle game where you have to match up tiles is hard, but also fun and easy to play. By playing this elimination puzzle game, you can quickly show how good you are at matching similar squares with different things.

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How To Play

  1. To connect and match, find two matching pattern tiles.
  2. Only three straight lines can connect two tiles with the same pattern.
  3. If you're having trouble, use powerful game props.
  4. You must match all tiles in time or the challenge fails.
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