Fall Boys : Stupid Fighters

Fall Boys : Stupid Fighters

Fall Boys : Stupid Fighters

Fall Boys : Stupid Fighters

Fall Boys: Stupid Fighters is a game that people like to play because it is funny. There are many ways to have fun with funny 3D graphics.

There is a wide variety of costumes available for you to select from, but practically all of them have a more attractive appearance than the rest. Each game has its own genre, indicating that there are a large number of various types of games. Due to the adorable nature of these ones, you have given some thought to purchasing one. The objective of this game is to survive on a variety of courses while competing against one another. A number of tracks that are both lively and enjoyable can be found on the game's soundtrack. You are going to fall in love with this music and have a great time getting lost in it.

How To Play

Use mouse : Left Click

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