Steve on the platform

Steve on the platform

Steve on the platform

Steve on the platform

Steve On The Platform cordially invites you to an adventure. Extend your helping hand to guide Steve in conquering all adversaries.

This game will do more than just entertain you; it will also aid in your relaxation. Careful movement is required due to the presence of traps. Along your journey, you will encounter numerous dangerous foes. Upon starting this platformer, you will not want to stop playing. In your quest to unlock the door to the next level, you may encounter an adorable creature that you are unable to expel. Your best option is to leave as soon as possible. Take a break from your worries by playing this soothing game. So arm yourself with knowledge and prepare to vanquish them.

How To Play

The up arrow and the W key allow you to jump and double jump. To go to the left, press and hold the A key. Point A, to the right Turn right after you see the arrow.

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