Flying Arrow

Flying Arrow

Flying Arrow

Flying Arrow

Flying Arrow is a cool game that requires precision. The goal of the game is to shoot an arrow through a series of moving rings.

To advance through the game, you must press the screen with an arrow shooter in order to play it. This is the path that the arrow will continue to take until it either comes into contact with a barrier or reaches the end of the screen. Straight forward is the direction it will continue to go. In order for the player to effectively avoid obstructions, it is absolutely necessary for them to properly time their strokes. There will be a broad variety of obstacles that you will have to overcome throughout the course of the game. Some of these obstacles include blocks that move, rings that spin, and blocks that do not move. The player is required to collect points in addition to coins in order to gain access to new levels and earn points. Players must also collect coins.

How To Play

  • Always keep an eye on the moving obstacles and try to guess where they'll be when you fire.
  • You can buy enhancements with the coins you acquire, making the game easier to go through.

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