Foodball.IO is a sports game that opens up the ultimate football match. Want to become a professional footballer? Play now!

The objective of this game is to avoid touching the white balls and collect the yellow ones as many times as possible. If you earn a high score, you'll move on to the next level much quicker than normal. It's not hard to get hooked on it and become dependent on it. If you are able to collect the various bonuses that are scattered around the game, you will advance through it much more rapidly. Bonuses that are created at random have the potential to have a number of benefits, such as increasing the player's movement speed, restoring health and lives, reducing the strength of opponent balls or slowing them down, and healing health. The intriguing style is nicely complemented by easy-to-understand controls. You have the choice of restoring your health, becoming immune to injury, or blocking the rolling balls that your attackers are using against you.

How To Play

The game can be accessed by clicking here. Take charge of the ball and defeat your rival.

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