Goalkeeper Wiz

Goalkeeper Wiz

Goalkeeper Wiz

Goalkeeper Wiz

Goalkeeper Wiz gives you a goal that your team is working toward that could be lost. The only way to win is to get the ball out of play.

The possibility exists that the opposing team will handily defeat your squad. Goalkeeper Wiz can teach you what you need to know to become a good football goalie. It is your responsibility to intercept the opposing team's potentially harmful balls in order to stop them from scoring. A loss can occur with even a small amount of carelessness. There are many different ways a nation's flag might symbolize its people. Gloves in a wide variety of styles are available at this shop. Countless wonderful hands and enticing rewards await us if we play this game together often. Each game consists of you defending your goal from the opposing team's initial ten shots. Your squad will receive one point for every three shots they take on the goal.

How To Play

Use mouse to move gloves and save shots.

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