Handstand Run

Handstand Run

Handstand Run

Handstand Run

Handstand Run you will race to the finish line with two hands. This game is very unique; it brings a lot of fun and laughter.

Maintain your equilibrium even as you go through challenging times. In the game "Handstand Run," you will use your hands in place of your feet. Maintain your equilibrium while you navigate the obstacles; if you do not, you will experience a significant reduction in your forward momentum as a direct result. While racing against the clock, try to collect as many of the gold coins that are flying around as you can, as the winner will be determined by who has the greatest score. You're going to have a great time if you participate in this game.

How To Play

Any of the four directional keys (W, A, S, and D) or the mouse can be used to navigate.

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