Jewels Kyodai Mahjong

Jewels Kyodai Mahjong

Jewels Kyodai Mahjong

Jewels Kyodai Mahjong

Jewels Kyodai Mahjong is a vibrant and fun Mahjong-style pixel game. Let's take on the challenge of finding the same stones to remove them.

The breathtaking user interface of this game, together with its great music design, makes for an exciting journey. The process of discovering paired stones and eliminating them from the screen involves some planning and preparation on your part. The time constraint adds an additional layer of difficulty to each stage, making it necessary to have pinpoint precision and lightning-fast reflexes in order to complete them. Each stage is already demanding enough on its own. The difficulty of Jewels Kyodai Mahjong's hundreds of levels ranges from easy to highly challenging, ensuring that players will never get bored with the game's content. It's always interesting to check how your rating compares to that of other gamers from all over the world.

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How To Play

Use your mouse to select the same gems.

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