Highway Racer 3D

Highway Racer 3D

Highway Racer 3D

Highway Racer 3D

Highway Racer 3D, a difficult racing game, is among the greatest. You need those skills if you want to make it. Let's join this cool game!

In this game, each car brand and category has its own set of pros and cons. Shoppers can look at and choose from a wide range of cars. Your driving abilities will be put to the ultimate test on the various racing tracks. Each one is beautiful in its own way and has a wide range of obstacles. On this track, there are a lot of other competitors, so you should work on your skills. Keep an eye out for anything that could make you lose consciousness, because it could come from anywhere. The person who wins a bet gets paid. You could do that, or you could go shopping for a bunch of cool things that might come in handy.

How To Play

Keyboard Left/Right Arrow keys.

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