Math Memory Match

Math Memory Match

Math Memory Match

Math Memory Match

Math Memory Match will test your IQ with math problems and memorization. Play now to solve difficult math problems and challenge yourself.

When traveling a long distance, it can be entertaining to play this mathematics-themed auto-memory game to pass the time. You can locate a card in the other half of the deck by mentally calculating its numerical value and doing so as quickly as possible. In the event that the values of the cards cancel each other out, they will remain in their current positions. To be successful, one must perform tasks in an exhaustive and meticulous manner. In order to go to the next level, each pair of cards must be found. If you do not comply, one of your three lives will be taken away from you. If you can identify the two cards that belong together, there is no element of chance involved in the game. The final answer to a particular equation can be found in every digit of the answer. This is a game that may be enjoyed by players of any age and of any gender. There are mathematical statements or calculations on some of the cards.

How To Play

Allows playing with a mouse or touchpad.

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