Music Coloring Book

Music Coloring Book

Music Coloring Book

Music Coloring Book

Music Coloring Book is a unique, creative, and entertaining game that combines music and colors. Play now to create amazing products.

The player will not only have a good time playing the game, but they will also find that it helps them develop their creative and musical abilities. The setting that players are given in which to color and sketch in the Music Coloring Book is one that is both calming and inspirational. Included in this pack are coloring pages that depict a variety of musical instruments, such as the piano, the guitar, and the drums. The sound of the instrument will be enabled at each stage of the process as you fill in the image. You can color to the beat of your favorite music, use your imagination to create new patterns by combining colors in unique ways, or even do both!

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How To Play

Use mouse to choose color and draw

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