Wired Chicken Inc

Wired Chicken Inc

Wired Chicken Inc

Wired Chicken Inc

Wired Chicken Inc is a simulation game set on a farm, allowing players to construct and oversee their very own chicken farm. Play now!

To provide housing for your chickens, construct or significantly expand coops of a variety of types. When you want to add variety to your flock, you should try to obtain a variety of chicken breeds. When you hatch, care for, and sell chickens, you can make a respectable livelihood from this endeavor. When you are building your coops and expanding your farm, you should collect a variety of things, including eggs, feathers, and other items. If you want to increase your productivity and automate some of your operations, you should seriously consider obtaining some assistance. You should participate in online competitions to achieve your goals of becoming the world's best chicken farmer and winning prizes.

How To Play

  • To get the most out of your henhouse, it's best to have certain breeds of hens.
  • Keep track of your hens' characteristics and breed them so you may have the best possible mix of chicken breeds.

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