Hidden Cats: Detective Agency

Hidden Cats: Detective Agency

Hidden Cats: Detective Agency

Hidden Cats: Detective Agency

Hidden Cats: Detective Agency requires your quick, sharp eyes. Solve puzzles, find lost cats, hiding, and do not know the way back.

A wide variety of cute pets and animals are available. Finding a cat could be as simple as looking in the most unlikely of locations. Find the hidden kittens before your opponent does; otherwise, you won't be able to solve cases or get rewards. Anyone who likes video games and finds beauty in nature and animals will love this game. As a female, you're going to develop an obsession with rescuing stray kittens. You can use the game's built-in help system to get the cat if you're having problems finding it. Think about the ads as a possible resource for knowledge.

How To Play

Find the cats by tapping on them in the various locations and situations.

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