Protect My Dog 2

Protect My Dog 2

Protect My Dog 2

Protect My Dog 2

Protect My Dog will make you use your brain a lot. Draw lines so that the bees cannot come and sting and do harmful things to your dog.

Fighting off the bees will consume 85 of the 100 levels that are still available. Playing the game will not only be enjoyable, but it will also test your mental prowess. The challenge level will continue to rise as you make progress through the game. Those newly emerged deadly bees are going to strike him as soon as they get the opportunity. The only way to save the dog is to build a barrier around it to prevent the bees from swarming and eating it. This is the only way to save the dog. You should do everything in your power to safeguard your pet from bees that are aggressive.

How To Play

By clicking and dragging with your mouse, you may create a line to draw with.

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