Trap The Mouse

Trap The Mouse

Trap The Mouse

Trap The Mouse

Trap the Mouse is a quick and fun way to improve your spatial and logical thinking skills. All of your cheese has been eaten by the sneaky mouse.

You were so angry that you decided to find the thief and get your own back. The goal of this game is to catch the mouse before it can get away. At the beginning of the game, the mouse is still in the middle of a huge mat made of hexagonal tiles and pillars. To place a pillar, click on one of the empty tiles, and the mouse will move to the tile next to it. Set the trap again and again until you catch the mouse. When the mouse leaves the mat, you lose until your work is done. Your starting score is shown in the upper left corner of the screen. It is 20,000. You will lose 50 points every time a pillar is put on the mat. Can you make a trap from which no one can get out?

How To Play

There is a mouse all over the screen, and you have to move quickly to avoid it. If you see a mouse, you can click on it to kill it and get an extra 2 seconds.

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